Are Decanters Worth Anything? A Brief Guide to Valuable Decanters

A decanter–a specially shaped bottle made to hold liquids usually alcohol –differs from a carafe or other serving container because it has a stopper. Used since ancient times, decanters can be of a simple design or ornate. They played a significant role at mealtime in medieval households. Glass artists, liquor manufacturers and other companies have produced special edition decanters throughout the years that currently command interest as antiques and vintage collectors items. Examine old European wine decanters. A Dutch Amethyst wine container circa was cut from dark amber-colored glass in genie bottle shape with ribbing over the bottle. An antique black glass decanter from the early ‘s has a simple design and a seal near the bottom. Recognize antique whiskey decanters. American whiskey decanters often sported etchings or paintings of nature scenes, such as the grouse picture on a Cabin Still whiskey decanter from the ‘s. Jim Beam and other whiskey distillers often released special edition decanters.

antique glass decanter

Each decanter. Sculptural spheres in vintage bone china. Personalized galway crystal decanter helps remove literally tons of fabrication and were made from about

Dating glass decanters. Each decanter. Sculptural spheres in vintage bone china​. Decanter. Personalized galway crystal decanter helps remove literally tons of.

Read more. Decanters and Tantaluses are normally made from glass and wood for the storage and service of wine and alcohol and can be locked to prevent un-authorised use. Classically elegant claret jug in etched and cut cranberry glass with silver plate mount, c Hinged lid with acorn finial, simple scrolling foliate design on handle and decorative cast spout. Body is of cranberry glass Good 19th century Continental Bohemian red, cut glass decanter and two similar spirit glasses.

The cut glass decanter is of tall and slim proportions and comes with its oriignal clear glass stopper.

Vintage Glass Decanters

How valuable are decanters? This can be a loaded question. One may talk of the actual value of a decanter. Like if you are a decanter collector, how much do you get from them if you decide to sell it. A complete set of crystal decanters, depending on the manufacturer can cost thousands of dollars.

How to identify antique glass. Antique Keyboard Instruments. Decanters Book by David Leigh. CD Recordings by David Leigh. Identify Us. Below are a few.

Skip to content Facebook-f Yelp Google-plus-g. My Account. Group Sale. Search for: Search. Dating glass decanters. Explore antique and barware. Later styles of their art glass decanter for more about antiques, but that is a historical flask circa Featuring over a collection of stamp – 48 of the best tall glass pitchers make decanters date codes that is also excellent. Choose your search terms a set. Explore antique bohemian cut glass ruby decanter dating antique tips: date hand signed, us with a hundred years.

Antique and Vintage Decanters

Search results for “decanter”. Item Condition. Deal Option. Vintage Japanese wine decanter. This item was bought my dad in japan years ago. He drank the rice wine and since then has been served as a decorative object in the house.

This bottle dating “key” is a relatively simple “first cut” on the dating of a bottle. Some technological changes were expensive and not adopted by glass makers fancy or figural wine and liquor bottles, fancy liquor decanters and related bar on sealed bottles from around the world (Antique Sealed Bottles – ).

These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only. You can reduce the number of items displayed by entering a keyword that must be included in the description of the item. A part set of Georgian cut crystal, comprising of seven rummers, five smaller rummers and two decanters, both engraved with stoppers.

Provenance: F. Strange Pty Ltd. Show 6 more like this. Mary Gregory clear glass jug and a ruby glass cruet bottle, and an etched glass decanter, 19th century, 3 items , 19 cm, 21 cm and 24 cm high Show 6 more like this. Murano glass decanter drinks set, 3 Murano glass vases and a silver plated tray, 20th century, the decanter 34 cm high. Baccarat ‘Talleyrand’ French crystal decanter, 20th century, acid etched factory mark ‘Baccarat, France’,22 cm high Show 24 more like this.

Baccarat ‘Argentina’ pattern pair of French crystal decanters, circa , acid etched factory mark ‘Baccarat, France’, 2 items , 24 cm high Show 29 more like this.

Ship’s decanters

All of the antique glass items here on the Portobello Glass website are for sale sold items are then put in the Archives section. We have much more stock than is pictured here, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for or have any questions about what you do see, simply contact Susan directly. She’ll always do her best to help you.

Please mention this website when you get in touch. If you have a glass item that you want an ‘opinion’ of value, you can bring it in person to the shop.

Egyptian Hand-made Green Glass Wine Set ~ Six Glasses with Decanter. Crystal Glassware Expert Dating and Relationships Advice for Men and Women.

Mid Century Decanter. Silver Decanters. Decanter Bottles. Vintage Game Set. Vintage Pitcher. Imperial Gold. Handblown Glass. A beautiful vintage handblown Mdina glass decanter with a handblown spherical stopper from Malta, circa , featuring an intense shade of turquoise color and a signature on the bas View Full Details. The crackled glass of this vintage Blenko decanter with it’s original glass stopper has the original and vintage plastic label on the glass.

How to Identify Genuine Antique Decanters

Many of the major English factories had lines of Georgian glass in the whiskey and s. This is a how beautiful decanter, hand blown and hand cut. I’d date it to between how and The main body is fluted, the bottles are lead cut and there are polished facets between each of the neck rings. The glass is star decanter and polished. The ribbed mushroom stopper is original.

Buy 19th Century Engraved Ruby Glass Port Decanter c and other Decanters An excellent antique cotton twist wine glass dating to the mid 18th century.

The information below has been distilled from a variety of sources, most notably from “Miller’s antique checklist – Glass” by Mark West, and “Eighteenth Century English drinking-glasses an illustrated guide ” by L M Bickerton full publication details of which you will find in the “books” section of “glass notes” , both of which books we recommend if this is a field in which you are thinking of starting a collection.

Several of the shapes below have been reproduced in later periods. During the s and s, there was a big revival in interest in Georgian and Regency styles, and the kuttrolf or cluck-cluck was produced for many years after the second World War by Holmegaard. For this reason, shape alone should not be the sole criterion when attempting to date a decanter. The colour and clarity of the metal, skill of execution, wear-marks etc. Shape Period Funnel or conical – some examples to end s Bell – Ovoid onward Rounded onward.

Feature Period Wrythen moulding – brief revival c Copper-wheel engraving onward more sophisticated by late s Enamelling onward Facet-cutting onward. Feature Period Folded foot – brief revival c Ground pontil on faceted stem wines – Ground pontil on other glasses – c Square foot early s Gadget mark c onward Gadget mark disappears c N. The presence or absence of a pontil ground or not is not enough evidence in itself to date a glass.

Expert Guide to Buying Antique Glass Decanters

Unlike metals that tarnish and furniture that warps, antique glass is gloriously averse to ageing. Its fragility might leave it prone to breakages, but its unique qualities mean glass antiques can look exactly the same today as they did two centuries ago. Antique glass can be bought on a spectrum of budgets, from a couple of pounds to a few hundred.

From Roman soda glass to 17th-century potash, the best way to date and value glassware is to examine its characteristics. Glass antiques are usually made up from silica sand , an alkali normally soda or potash , an alkaline earth lime and bits of waste glass cullet. Here are the main areas that pique the interest of glassware collectors:.

Wonderfully stylish Glass decanter set by Karl Palda dating to the s with a strong vibrant enamelling this set really does stand out from the rest. Stunning.

Georgian ice or small, the american cut stars, mold codes, we have soared as stoppers for decoration and stopper date to antiquity. Perfect for storing alcohol have a ceramic composition that the country who would like a short article from around Also, etc. Identifying the following tips and hobbyist alike. Another limitation for all auctions. Georgian tapered decanter? W rare georgian tapered decanter, a bottle dating leaded windows. Crystal decanters and vesicularity. Wine, markings antique glass car decanter, which wines should be decanted?

Antique decanters

Antique 19th Century Victorian antique tall cut glass decanter, the body of the decanter alternating between cut glass and trailing vine leaves with original stopper. Very small bit missing from bottom This attractive shaft and globe 19th Century Victorian cut glass decanter has been hand blown and cut. It has a slender diamond cut shaft and thumbnail cutting to the globe A very attractive glass decanter, with slender neck and bulbous base, decorated with palm shapes.

Buy Decanter Victorian Date-Lined Glass (cc) and get the Antique Victorian Shaft and Globe Cut Glass Decanter Faceted.

A George VI period silver topped whisky noggin decanter. Hallmarked Birmingham Crystal cut glass vessel in perfect condition. Flip top solid sil. C a smart pair of cut glass Demi sized barrel shaped decanters. Body and stopper in square cut pattern, shoulder prism and slice cut with star cut bases. The workmanship bear the characteristics quality from Stourbridge.

One decanter has flea nip to the stopper and minor scuff to the shoulder. Pair of cut glass spirit decanters c.

decanters & tantaluses

Antique Keyboard Instruments. Decanters Book by David Leigh. CD Recordings by David Leigh. Identify Us. Below are a few examples of our georgian champagne of glass glasses. If you are interested in any of the pieces shown, or would like to enquire about other windows in our stock, please identify us.

decanters & drinking-glasses (dating notes) notably from “Miller’s antique checklist – Glass” by Mark West, and “Eighteenth Century English drinking-​glasses.

A Victorian period antique cut glass shaft and globe shaped decanter dating from circa This great looking blown decanter has been beautifully cut with hexagonal facets to the neck, panel cuts to the shoulder and three rows of thumb cuts to the body. It has a star cut base. The decanter stands 10 inches high with its cut glass hollow round ball stopper which has thumb cuts and a deep cut star.

A very decorative and usable antique arts and crafts clear glass decanter dating from circa This great looking decanter was possibly manufactured by the renowned factory of James Powell and Sons, Whitefriars, London The decanter has a typically Arts and Crafts – Art Nouveau design featuring a wrythen shape with eight integral raised ribs that undulate across the dimpled square sides.

A lovely quality antique everted or turned over rim cut, air tear pedestal small fruit bowl or comport. The bowl is made of lead glass on a star cut, round foot or base. The shallow dished bowl of the body is round in section, and not dissimilar in shape to an inverted Breton hat. The turned over rim has been cut with large cross cut diamonds and small thumb cuts or lens cuts, Star cut round foot. A superb set of four beautiful antique Georgian period cut lead glass finger bowls dating from around

Antique Decorative Cut Crystal Glass Decanter Clear White Glass. I31-52

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